Halloween in The Village

Even in the cold rain, students came together to put on another successful evening of Halloween in The Village on Monday, Oct. 29 in The Greek Village.

“The Village plans this event for the kids because it’s a good chance for WCU to connect with the community,” said Tim Segert, Assistant Resident Director of The Village. “It happens all too infrequently, so we try to bring the kids in since some of them are from areas where they don’t have places to trick-or-treat.”

The Department of Student Community Ethics, Greek Life, Resident Student Association, The Village, and the many other participating clubs and organizations were are all to thank for making this event happen.

“People really have a good time doing [Halloween in The Village],” said Segert. “That’s one of the few chances we have to connect with the kids and make it enjoyable for them, so a lot of people just enjoy doing that.”

And it certainly is true: students love Halloween in The Village.

“It’s a good time and you get to see all the little kids smiling faces because you get to give them candy and it makes them happy; and it makes us happy and it’s just a great time,” said Scotty Sigman, a junior Marketing and Computer Information Systems major and brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Anna Pane, a junior Art major and sister of Delta Zeta said that Halloween gives her a chance to embrace her theater roots. “I participate in Halloween in college because I always enjoyed it as a kid and it’s a time of the year when you get to be something else. I’ve always been really active with theater so this is kind of like an extension of that; of being able to be something different and play a role.”

Parents love Halloween in The Village because it is fun for their kids, especially in a location where going door-to-door is not exactly possible.

“It’s just a great activity for the kids,” said Rayna Crisp, a parent who brought her child to Halloween in The Village. “It’s easy, it’s one location, they have awesome little games and the kids just love it. This is about all we do this [time of year] because it’s just more convenient than going door-to-door [and] I hate the pumpkin patches because the lines are too long, so this is way better.”

Aside from the stresses of planning or trying to figure out what to dress up as, the kids keep a much simpler approach to the benefits Halloween.

When asked her favorite part of Halloween in The Village, 4-year-old Gabby Fulk said, “candy!”

Whether it is dressing up, handing out candy and prizes, or interacting with the community; students, faculty, and staff at WCU love the kids and that is why Halloween in The Village will be an event to look forward to for a long time to come.

See photos from the event by clicking the link below. Photos by Alisha Lambert.