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Wrestling with faith

Billy Ketchersid almost lost his livelihood, his family, and his life to alcohol and drugs. He was on the fast track to a dead end lifestyle until his faith in God, combined with his love of professional wrestling, saved his life. William Wayne Ketchersid, 40, abused drugs from the age of 12 to the age […]

WCU professor has passion for fitness

Unassuming; That is the first word that comes to mind when you see Betty Farmer walking through the hallways of Stillwell Building. This five foot tall, blond, former collegiate cheerleader may appear harmless but there are many people at the Jackson County Recreation Department that would argue that point with you. Farmer is a fitness […]

Thanksgiving has been with the Cherokee people forever

Thanksgiving means something different to all of us. It can mean overindulging, spending time with family, traveling, turkey dinner at Cracker Barrel, or just plain ole giving thanks- maybe even all of the above. For the Cherokee people, Thanksgiving means celebrating the harvest with the tribe and community. With the Native American Heritage Expo that […]

Possible marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado

Many people voiced their opinion in this past election and many changes were made. Among them were the legalization of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older in Washington and Colorado. Many people are happy about the states exercising their right to govern themselves and making laws to suit their citizens. This isn’t a new […]

WCU goes wireless

Residential Living seems to be committed to expanding wireless to all residence halls that currently do not have it as soon as they are financially able as reported by Andy Voelker, Manager of of Student Computing in the Technology Commons. Wireless is a big concern with students on campus. With the growing trend of smart […]

Immigration: What now?

By Ariel Rymer and Marysa Burchett A controversial topic from the beginning of the election was, and still is, immigration. Now that the results are in and Obama has another four years, the Western North Carolina community gives their opinions on the future demographics and immigration reform. “Hispanics and the Hispanic population traditionally should vote […]