College Democrats kick off with an early voting event

College Democrats of Western Carolina University, Organizing for America, and 11th Congressional District hosted an early voting event on Tuesday, Oct. 23 on the A.K. Hinds University Center Lawn.

College Democrats President, Corey Duvall, speaks with student about how they can vote early. Photo by Alisha Lambert

This event was planned to promote early voting and to make students aware of the Cat Tran that takes students from campus to the polls.

Frank Lee from the Freight Hoppers entertained the crowd with a solo musical performance; students stocked up on free pizza and shared why they were voting early.

Maria Isabel Lovingood, a sophomore social work major and Puerto Rico native, said she is voting early so she can be more informed. “I want to avoid the whole rush of November because it gets really busy. I’ll be able to get more information and go there calmly and be able to ask more questions so I can be more informed.”

Nathan Kelly, a WCU senior, said he registered in Jackson County for another reason besides voting in this election. “I’m voting in Jackson County because when the alcohol vote came around they asked me to register in Jackson County and I wasn’t registered in Gaston County where I’m from so I registered in Jackson County.” Kelly also said he plans to vote early to avoid the long lines on November 6.

The Cat Tran will run Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until after the election and will carry students of any political party. Students who are not registered can also ride the Cat Tran to the polls in order to register as well. To catch a ride, you can find the Cat Tran at the stop behind the University Center.

Students gather for free music, pizza, and to get information about how they can vote early.