In case you missed it, the WCU parade was a success!

The winner of this year’s 2012 homecoming parade float competition was found rowing their kayaks down Main Street in Sylva, NC last Friday, Oct. 5. Along with many other sensational floats and participants, instead of escorting Mrs. Belcher in this year’s 2012 homecoming parade, Dr. Belcher was spotted walking down the street while holding a cardboard cutout of his wife’s face during the event.

“I don’t know why Mrs. Belcher couldn’t come, but it sure was funny that he was carrying around a huge cutout of her face. He really is a character,” said Emily Orr, who was in the parade representing Alpha Xi Delta.

Photos by Danielle Cansler. Music from the WCU Pride of the Mountains marching band.

Numerous students and student organizations were involved, including Manteo Mitchell, the 2012 Olympic silver medalis and a proud WCU member, fraternities and sororities, the homecoming court, the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band, WCU cheerleaders, WCU dance team and more.

The event was a success due to the large, mostly purple crowd gathered on each side of Main St. in downtown Sylva. By passing out candy, participators in the parade were giving spectators a small taste of pre-Halloween trick-or-treating.

“The parade was actually really fun because I had a lot of friends who were participating in it. Not to mention I got handfuls of candy every three minutes and I got to watch my girlfriend walk in it too,” said Trenton Hill, sophomore at WCU.

“I really enjoyed the parade because it gave me a chance to take photos of some school spirit in-action right before the homecoming game,” said LeAnna Cansler, who minors in photography at WCU.

Following the parade, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends were invited to enjoy music, skits, dance and free pizza on WCU’s Central Plaza.