Funk band at Sylva’s Soul Infusion rocked out

Porch 40 rocked at Soul Infusion on Sept. 21, 2012. Photo by Beverly Tan Photography at

Porch 40, local Cullowhee band, performed mind-blowing tunes at Soul Infusion Tea House and Bistro Saturday night, Sept. 22.

This new funk/jazz/rock/energy band brought out a huge number of fans to rock out at a local music venue. The band consists of Drew Duncan (vocals and rhythm guitar), Scott Burr (vocals, saxophone, synthesizer), Mitchell Metz (vocals, violin, bass), Spencer Bradley (drums), and Carter McDevitt (bass/guitar).

Their upbeat performance spread a good vibe across the crowd and never left a dull moment. The connection they had with the audience had everyone in a good mood and begging for more.

“Last night’s show was particularly amazing because the last couple of times I’ve seen these guys play there hasn’t been a huge crowd. Soul Infusion was packed and everyone was dancing. There was a lot of good energy in the air. As a matter of fact everything was going so well that when the set finally ended, not only did the crowd squeeze a couple more songs out of Porch 40, but the hosts at Soul Infusion paid them more money just to get them to play for another hour,” said Miles Olson, fan.

The crowd’s favorite song “Taxes” was played multiple times out of demand.  It is a funky song that gets everyone hooting and hollering every time they play it. A fun surprise was when they made up a song on the spot called “Cheezy Grits” which was entertaining and made everyone cheer even louder. It was a show to be remembered and will continue to be talked about.

“The performance was exhilarating and Soul Infusion was packed. Cullowhee/Sylva should be excited to have Porch 40 as the newest member of their local music scene,” said Ren Dey, fan.

There are plenty of local bands in the Sylva/Cullowhee area but this band is rapidly becoming one of the favorites.  They leave a happy and feel good atmosphere around them whenever they play. Just make sure to put on your dancing shoes and be ready to get funky whenever watching this band.

Porch 40 was formed last summer at the Avant Garden farmhouse in Cullowhee, NC. The guys hung out on the porch playing music all the time and decided to start a band. Since then they have become very popular around the Cullowhee and Sylva area. They’re a groovy band playing their own funk and jazz tunes.