WCU cycling team excels in Georgia

Nick Lacombe during the men

CONYERS, Ga.– The WCU cycling team traveled to Atlanta over the weekend for their fourth mountain bike race of the season.

Georgia Tech hosted the two-day event at a historic course used during the 1996 Olympics.

Nick Lacombe (Raleigh, N.C.) and Matt Schumaker (Marietta, Ohio) represented WCU Saturday in the short track men’s B race. Short track races consist of many short laps and are very spectator-friendly.

Collegiate mountain bike races have 3 classes: A, B, and C. Class A races are longer with a typically higher caliber of rider, while class C races have newer riders racing shorter distances.

The rider with the most laps at the end of the race is declared the victor. Lacombe placed fourth and Schumaker placed sixth in this 20-minute race.

“It was one of the best short track courses I have seen,” said Schumaker after completing the race. “It flowed to the max.”

Matt Schumaker (far left) and Nick Lacombe (second from left) in the men

The cross-country men’s B mountain bike race took place on Sunday and consisted of two laps, each nine miles long.

Lacombe finished the cross-country race in first place. Schumaker placed seventh.

The WCU cycling team will travel to Brevard College for their final mountain bike race of the season this Saturday, Sept. 29.