WCU gears up for National Voter Registration Day

Voter registration booths will surround the clock tower on the UC lawn. Photo by Ben Haines.

Western Carolina University will set up registration booths on the A.K. Hinds University Center lawn on Tuesday, Sept. 25 for National Voter Registration Day, a nationwide, non-partisan initiative focused on registering first-time voters.

Western hopes to draw attendees with a carnival-like atmosphere. The booths will be run by individual student groups.

According to Todd Collins, associate professor of political science at WCU, the registration process is not very complicated, but a small mistake could delay the process to the point where it’s too late to vote in the November election.

“If you want politicians and people in government to care about the issues that you care about, then you need to go out and vote,” said Collins.

National Voter Registration Day also ties into WCU’s Citizenship and Civility theme by preparing people to discuss complex issues while understanding other points of view.


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