Apples galore

Trenton Hill and Jeffery Anders are the best fryers in Henderson County. Photo by Andrew Hill.

The 66th Annual Henderson County Apple Festival located on Main Street recently came to a close as it ended on Monday with a big parade. The Apple Festival is always a big hit in Henderson County, in which people travel from all around to experience.

During the Apple Festival, several scheduled performances were set throughout the day in front of the Henderson County Courthouse. While listening to the band play, watching the magic show, or watching the dancers, consumers enjoy a mouthful of a hot, fried apple pie from Circle L Farm’s stand, which is conveniently located directly in front of the performance stage.

Venders sold everything from fried apple pies, baked apple turnovers, apple salsa, apple donuts, apple slushies, and apple cider to plain “fair food”.  Anything that has apples in it and tastes delicious, it was available for purchase at the Apple Festival.

Specifically for the festival, a variety of apples were freshly picked from local farmers in Henderson County and were available for purchase.

“Despite the fact that we had a rough crop from the frost and hail, this year was one of the busiest weekends we’ve ever had. Fortunately, the bad weather didn’t slow us down at all. Our fried apple pies are made from Honey Crisps and Gala apples,” said Andrew Hill, local apple farmer.

“The apple festival is a very fun, family-friendly festival to attend. The band was great and we even got to dance; not to mention enjoy the delicious fried apple pies,” said Leanna Cansler, 23, of Sylva.