Phelps goes out in style

Photo By: Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

Michael Phelps gets his storybook ending by winning gold in the final race of his Olympic career. Before these 2012 Olympic games began, Phelps referred to them as the “sprinkles on my sundae”, and thats exactly what they were. He added six sprinkles to be exact, four gold and two silver. The six medals he earned in London brings his Olympic total to 22, making him the most decorated Olympian of all time.

The last medal of his remarkable career came Saturday in the 4×100 meter medley relay in which Phelps swam the butterfly leg. To no surprise that medal was gold, his 18th career Olympic gold medal.

Before the London games began, Phelps told the media on several occasions that he would retire once the 2012 games were over and it appears that he intends to stick by that. What Michael Phelps has done for the Olympics over the past 12 years has been monumental, leaving everyone who got the chance to watch him compete with unforgettable memories. He first plunged into the public eye as a lanky, 19-year-old in 2004 during the Olympic games in Athens, Greece. He gave us a special performance in Beijing when he won a gold medal in every event he competed in. Now, with his four gold and two silver medals in London, he walks away being the most dominant and greatest Olympic athlete to ever compete. Perhaps his record of 22 Olympic medals will never be broken.