Controlled Chaos film festival

The 4th annual Controlled Chaos Film Festival was held at John Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center on Friday April 27.

Controlled Chaos was created to allow the Motion Picture & Television Production Majors to showcase their talent. Each year roughly 20 films from different classes have been presented. The different films that are shown range from short clips titled “Missing Keys” to the headlining Senior Theses. This years two headlining theses were “Moses Cove” and “Crossroads”.


Both of these films had 6 days to film and including all the pre-work and post-work it took roughly a year to finish them. Separately both films raised enough money to help fund their projects. Pre-work is known as the planning stage. This is where the casting call is as well as figuring out all the finer details. Post-work is all the editing that goes on to make the film perfect.

The other Senior Theses present was a documentary titled “Whee” that told the story of Cullowhee that not many students knew of. How campus is drastically changing the way Cullowhee used to be and how the campus and community need to come together in order to preserve what is left of Cullowhee.

The films titled “Missing Keys” are short films that are different situations where individuals misplace their keys. The idea to make something as simple as misplacing keys shows how amazing the MPTP program is. Many of the actors in all of the films are apart of the School of Stage & Screen.

This year almost held a full house and all proceeds made go towards the program to help fund more films.