Tailgate here or there?

Photo: Doug Powell

(Story was updated March 29, with video from Salomon Sierra)

The UC Lawn was transformed into a carnival like scene Tuesday, as part of the Chancellor Installation events.  The “lawngating” event was prior to the baseball game against Kennesaw State.

The students enjoyed the beautiful March day, with ice cream and a blowup maze.

“The lawngating event was definitly fun because it was something different, but if I had to choose between tailgating and lawngating I would for sure choose tailgating,” said Caroline Winchester, sophomore.

With baseball tailgating not allowed this year, students took advantage of the lawngate in lieu of tailgate.

“I understand the lawngating because it fits in well with the chancellor’s installation week, however if you took away tailgaiting from the football games people would laugh at you if you told them to do it [tailgate] on the UC Lawn” said Winchester. “Because if we want to make WCU a powerhouse like App we need to create the spirited, fun atmosophere of a big school and tailgating is a great start”.

“[Baseball games] are a lot of fun and it’s a great way to get people involved and show school support. I think that as long as we are continuing to get the support for the baseball team and keeping the students happy and involved it doesn’t matter where the tailgate is at, even if it is behind the stadium or lawngating,” said Jessie Conner, senior.