Fun in the sun, Lawn-gating on the UC lawn

Lining up for some fun. Photo: Doug Powell

Installation week continued Tuesday, when the Student Government Association hosted a lawn gating event from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. on the UC lawn. Not a cloud in the sky as the weather was perfect for an outside event. The event consisted of games, free food, and Belcher’s, “Burple Purple” Ice Cream.

The crowd featured a good mixture of students, consisting of freshmen through seniors.

“This event is awesome, I’d like to see stuff like this happen more often. It’s great being outside, hanging out with friends, and having some fun,” sophomore John Arney said.

The game that seemed to receive the most attention was the “Boot Camp Obstacle Course,” a race that Chancellor David Belcher not only participated in, but won rather convincingly.

“He’s in great shape, if I have to lose, I might as well lose to the Chancellor”, said sophomore Caleb Moore following his obstacle course loss to Chancellor Belcher.

After having some fun in the sun, students and staff turned their attention to the revealing of Chancellor Belcher’s “Burple Purple” Ice Cream. The ice cream came from Riverview Farms out of Hendersonville, NC, that just so happens to be owned by a Western Carolina University Alumni. Belcher’s “Burple Purple” Ice cream was made special for this event and cannot be found anywhere else. Senior Stetson Duncan described the ice cream as, “Cold, Creamy, and Delicious”.

As usual, Student Body President T.J. Eaves could be found throughout the event. “It’s still very early and we already have a great crowd out here today. I’m very pleased by the outcome and I hope students will participate in the Stadium Strut later on today,” said Eaves. The Stadium Strut was a walk from the UC Lawn to Hennon Stadium leading up to the baseball matchup between Kennessaw State and Western Carolina at 5 p.m.

To find other events for this week visit WCU’s Chancellor installation page.

Doug Powell contributed to the story.