Installation week Flash Mob

The launch of the WCU Catafount was a huge success with approximately 300 students, faculty, and local residents on hand to view the big splash.


Chancellor David Belcher was on hand and in the dancing spirit as he busted a few moves for the crowd when a flash mob appeared. The flash mob began its routine to the famous Michael Jackson song “Beat It”. They danced a few more routines until the fountain exploded signaling the finale.

WCU basketball player Brandon Boggs joked, “He was out here dancing. I don’t know what move he was doing but he was out there full of energy.”

In all, the event was a huge success. Many people loved the chancellor’s energy and praised his interaction with the students. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Kellie Angelo Monteith, believes that this should become a WCU tradition, one to be embraced by alumni and future students alike.

Nick Randone contributed to the story.