Students flock to WCU’s last open house

WCU Director of student recruitment, Paul Cauley greeted the students and their parents. Photo: Jamie North.

Campus was alive Saturday morning, March  as over 1,700 guests arrived to participate in WCU’s final Open House.

The day started early for prospective students as they arrived to the Ramsey Center for an information fair. Each major was present with a poster of information and a representative to answer questions. Students were allowed to wonder the concourse and look for areas that interested them.

Amanda Wagner, a junior in high school, has visited many open houses but so far loved WCU.

“It’s been really wonderful. I have gotten lots of information,” Wagner said.

The concourse was packed as more people started arriving.

“This is the most people we’ve ever seen,” Said Briana Nicholson who helped run the registration booth.

Members of WCU Entourage were there to help out with any questions parents or students might have had.

“Class ratio, freshman parking, residence halls, meal plan, book rentals. Those are typically the types of questions we get,”  said Kriston Haynes and Brittany Lee, both members of Entourage.

Once the information fair was over Dr. Sam Miller, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and Phil Cauley, Director of Student Recruitment, greeted the guests and presented why WCU was a good school for them. Afterwards the students split into their specific majors and discussed with the department head what would be in store in the upcoming years.

See the slideshow from the open house.