Parking during the installation

Limited parking during the installation. Photo by: Sammy Stedem

Due to the Chancellor’s installation festivities, parking on the Western Carolina University campus may be difficult Tuesday, March 27 through Friday, March 30.

During certain times some of the campus parking lots will be closed. According to campus parking services and the campus police department the lots that are affected by the closures account for 800 of the available parking spaces.

There will be an express shuttle available for the services on the day of the installation. The shuttles will run on a loop schedule from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The shuttle runs will be: McKee to Ramsey, the University Center to Ramsey and HFR (administration building) to Ramsey.

Campus police have notified students, faculty, staff and guests via email about the upcoming parking changes. Campus police are also encouraging the campus community to carpool during the installation week.

There are some locations that people should avoid parking. The Stadium Lot (10) will be closed on Tuesday and will stay closed until Friday. On Thursday, The Creek lot (9c), Field House lot (12), and Ramsey Center lots (9a and 9b) will be reserved for special guests attending the Chancellor’s Installations Ceremony. Other lots will be closed during specific times. Vehicles must be moved from all affected lots midnight the night before the event. All vehicles left in the lots will be towed.

“Parking ticket fines will be the same as they always are,” said Earnest Hudson, campus police chief. A list of parking infractions and fees can be found here.

The installation parking route, drop off areas, handicap parking, and Cat Tran bus locations can be viewed  on this map.

For more information check student, staff, faculty emails and MyCat. Questions about where to park, or parking tickets can be directed to parking services at (828)-227-PARK.