No excuses for using handicapped parking

 by Betty Dishman

Apparently many in the public do not realize that it’s not ok to park in a handicapped parking space if   unauthorized to do so, even for a minute. Some are so disrespectful and lazy that they will borrow someone else’s permit so they won’t have to walk two additional steps! Still others think that having a media placard entitles them to park in a handicapped space if that’s all that’s available. These problems are prevalent on the WCU campus where I work, but I’ve seen them other places as well.

I became very aware of this problem last April when I fell on my property and broke my ankle in three places. My accident resulted in one orthopedic surgery in which I had to have two plates and 10 screws put in my ankle as well as a plastic surgery. I’m still recovering and while I don’t need handicapped parking as badly as I once did, there are situations where I still must use it. I see so much abuse of these spaces that it literally makes me sick. I don’t care if you are with the media or if you are the President of the United States, you don’t have a right to park in these spaces even for a minute!

I’m progressing and will be very happy when the day comes that I can walk for longer distances and don’t need the permit at all. But I’ve learned something – be thankful you can walk a few extra steps. There was a time I took my mobility for granted, but no more.

Betty Dishman has worked at Western Carolina University since 1998 and is currently the administrative assistant in the Department of Communication.


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