Get out of town, seriously!

Aspen bound

There comes a time in everyone’s life where one spreads their wings, takes a leap of faith, and gets outside the box (or their box). Whether it is a day, a couple weeks, several months, or years of being out of their comfort zone, so much growing happens within that period of time.

Recently I traveled to Aspen, Colo. for an opportunity to work for ESPN at the Winter XGames. A chance of a lifetime, right? So, I left. Bags packed and business cards in-hand, I ran from the security I find here in the mountains.

Good morning!

I’ve traveled before; I’ve been overseas, but never have I travelled alone, to a destination I’ve never been, with people I’ve never met. Being around new people, from different places with different backgrounds, gives you a new level of maturity, both in a business and social setting.

Not really knowing what to expect, I found within myself a new set of survival skills. During the week of being away from what was “known” and “safe” I found myself in the truest form of adaptability. New roommates and co-workers, a higher altitude, and no vehicle: everything had changed in less than 6 hours. My surrounds completely turned into uncharted territory. Flexibility at its finest, I overcame fear

Winter X

and doubt. I found a routine for that week, I asked questions if I didn’t know answers, and I overcame challenges. Most importantly, for me as a student, I made friends and hopefully future employers.

Now that I’m back in Cullowhee and reflected on my exprience, I feel as though every student needs to spend time away from what they know. Young people need to embark on the great unknown. Stepping out into the unfamiliar makes you a more well rounded person. We are all are explorers. Go explore.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.  -Henry Ford