Traditions bringing families together during the holidays

As the weather gets colder and winter break is approaching, the holidays are in the back of everybody’s minds: what presents we have to get each other, what side of the family you’ll be with this holiday season. But with the holidays in full swing, the traditions are what most remember.

The holidays are the time of year when the whole family puts aside work and school and takes time for each other.

Junior Josh Gilchrist and his family have the tradition of picking out their Christmas tree together.

“We go to the local tree farm and pick out a tree and decorate it together. Then, on Christmas Eve we each open one present,” said Gilchrist.

One of the biggest parts of the holidays, however, is food. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, family and friends always complain about eating too much, as they have a grin on their face, basking in the meal.

Fresh pies and cookies seem to always be baking, while holiday music is playing in the background.

Roger Cote recalls his favorite part of the holiday.

“On Christmas Eve, when my Mom and I are wrapping presents, we watch A Christmas Story on tv. It’s just not Christmas until we watch it,” said Cote.

Whether it is picking out the perfect Christmas tree, cooking and baking with loved ones, or simply watching a beloved movie on Christmas Eve, the holidays are a time when everybody puts aside their differences and comes together. The traditions that bring families together, keep them together.