Catamounts making an impact

Students at Western Carolina are making an impact on each other, sharing their love of knowledge along the way.
Junior Sofia Lilly is a Chemistry tutor, part of a special task force on campus reviewing the liberal studies, and a Biology and English double major. Along the way, Lilly hopes to change a few lives and make her impact on the world.

After graduating from Western Carolina, Lilly hopes to go to medical school at places such as UNC Chapel Hill, Duke or Stanford.  Her strong connection to the mountains will bring her back, she says. She hopes to have a private practice in a small mountain town like Sylva or Cullowhee, where access to good healthcare is always needed.

The opportunities that students at Western Carolina have to shine are large. Lilly is just one of these examples, giving herself a presence among student, faculty and staff. With her involvement she excels inside and outside of the classroom, something many students cannot say.