24/7 in the Hunter Library

As exam week fast approaches and the cramming begins Hunter Library will be open for 24 hours starting Sunday, Dec. 4, until the end of the exam week, Dec. 16.

Students are taking advantage of the extra hours.

“ College students stay up past midnight and its nice to have it open during exam so we have a continuous , quiet place during exam week,” said Alisha Lambert, WCU Junior.

The new IT Commons will also be apart of the study marathon, being open 24/7 along with the library.

“IT needs are very important during exam week because there is a lot of stress and we want to reduce the exam week stress in any way that we can,” said Laura DiNunzio, WCU  and eBriefcase Analyst.

IT will also have a “No Stressing Before the Testing” event in the Technology Commons where there will be games and activities to help students unwind during breaks while at the library.

“IT attempts to be available to help students in anyway that we can. We hate to turn people away without resolving their issue,” said DiNunzio.