Water boy or teammate?

Western Carolina University sophomore, Harrison Skiver is the Catamount’s first ever paid water boy.

As a freshman Skiver (see the slideshow) was looking for many things, including a job, making friends, and finding a way to get involved. All of these problems were solved when Joanne Foster, WCU’s work study coordinator, and an athletic trainer created the football team’s water boy position. Harrison quickly jumped on the opportunity and landed the job.

As water boy, Skiver has more responsibilities than just giving out water to the players. He sets up the water supply for before each practice and game and cleans it all up after. Also, Skiver is in charge of bringing out MED packs, splint bags, and the stretcher to the field for every practice. On game days he is responsible for putting out the MED trunk and table, the exercise bikes, towel buckets, and must be available to do anything the visiting team needs of him. Most importantly, though, Skiver must make sure that all players are staying hydrated all the time.

Skiver used to work all practices and most games, but with a tough semester of classes, he had to cut his hours down to two practices a week and home games.

“I used to travel until it started interfering with my classes… It was always a blast in the hotel and on the bus rides, I definitely miss it!” said Skiver.

His boss, Athletic Trainer Brandon King, hired three more water boys this year. Skiver has lead and trained the other three.

“I am so relieved to have some more workers on board, it is definitely too much work for just one,” said Skiver.

Being water boy has not only provided Skiver with a job but with making friends and becoming a part of something, as well. Skiver has made friends with all of the players and feels as though he is a part of the team.

“Harrison is my boy. He makes practice more fun and it doesn’t feel the same when he’s not on the sidelines,” said sophomore defensive lineman, Pete Balthrop.

“I wouldn’t have half as many friends or know half as many people as I do now if I hadn’t become the water boy,” said Skiver. “It’s the best job I could ask for!”

Skiver is a marketing student and enjoys networking with the coaches, trainers, and players.

“I feel honored to be a part of this team, no matter how many games we win or lose,” said Skiver.