Archives for November 9, 2011

Honoring Catamounts, one brick at a time

The Catamount Legacy Walk, although it sounds like a charity walk, is a program set up to honor alumni, students, faculty and staff, and friends of the university, one brick at a time. The Legacy Walk will eventually be a collection of customized bricks placed on campus to commemorate Catamounts. The Legacy Walk will be […]

Advanced scams meet advanced protection

Technology is great when it works, but one wrong click and a nasty cyber scam can set you back a few hundred dollars.  But for a college it can cripple an entire campus community. Manager of student computing in the Technology Commons Andy Voelker talked about how WCU’s IT department handles these threats. The Information […]

Preventing the flu this season

As the weather begins to cool off the Western Carolina Journalist spoke with Pam Buchanan, director of the Health Center on how to prevent the flu this season!

Greek life championship flag football game

The Sigma Alpha Epsilons took on the Lambda Chi Alphas in the final championship flag football game Monday night, Nov. 7. Students gathered to watch the two teams take on each other but only one team could win. Sigma Alpha Epsilon took home the win in a 19-6 game.