WCU interim athletic director Fred Cantler steps in

Interim athletic director Fred Cantler promised to focus on keeping the student athletes a top priority when making any decision that would result in changing personal around the department.  His first decision was firing football assistant head coach and defensive coordinator Matt Pawlowski last week.  Head coach, Dennis Wagner, filled the position with assistant coach, Jay Hood.  For now Cantler is not announcing any more changes in the athletic department.

Chancellor David O. Belcher formed a 15-member committee that will search for the university’s full time athletic director.  A time frame has not been put to place for finding the next AD.

“I’m urging the members of the committee to conduct this important search as quickly as possible,” said Belcher in a press release published on catamountsports.com.

The committee is put together with members from WCU faculty, student athletes, and alumni.

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Camera: Jarrett Fraizer