Black bears seen on WCU campus

By Cory Spaugh

Black bears were spotted on the campus of Western Carolina University in the past two weeks.

The bears were first reported on Saturday, Sept. 17, near the Greek village, the second sighting was near Reynolds Residence hall, and the third sighting was across Hwy 107 near WCU’s forensics area.

The first sighting was on Saturday around 6: 30 p.m. in the wooded area near the village.

The second reported sighting occurred on Sept. 20, near the Reynolds Residence Hall and the bears, a mother and her cub, were travelling towards Subway and the surrounding shops before disappearing into the woods.

“The bears are in between food sources at this time of year but the bears are not a threat to students on campus,” said Lieutenant Martin Anthony of the WCU Police.

If students spot another bear on campus they should not approach the bear or take photos. Most of all because these bears are looking for a new food source students should not feed them.

There are currently no plans to make an attempt at removing any bears on campus unless they become a nuisance to residents said from WCU police.

A map of the WCU campus can be found here.