The cheapest date in Cullowhee

From bringing the comic, Bo Burnam, on October 26 to playing the Green Lantern in the UC Theater this past weekend Last Minute Productions plans events that appeals to everyone at Western Carolina University.

LMP is the student programming board that plans events from open mic night to Monday night football showings for students here at Western Carolina University.

“The best part of working for LMP is it doesn’t feel like work most of the time. As we work the movies at the concession stand we are usually cracking jokes and cutting up and it makes the time go by quick and being there a lot of fun” said Ben Rutz, Marketing Coordinator for LMP.

The main thing LMP is known for is the weekend movies (Friday and Saturday) in the UC Theater that only costs students $2 which includes a drink and popcorn. For the faculty, staff and the commnity the tickets are $4.

Last Minute Productions has a contract with company that sells movies to college campuses and so they are able to get movies after they leave theaters but before they are released onto DVD.

“The most highly anticipated movie this semester is definitely Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part 2. Not only are we having the movie, but we also will be bringing a giant chess board, like they have in the movie, as well as green screen photos” said Rutz.

See the movie schedule here. For more information visit  Last Minute Productions  site.