Students get involved in school blood drive

WCU Police officer, Tom Walawender donates blood. Photo: Jarrett Frazier (Sept.2011)

Western Carolina University conducted an annual blood drive with The American Red Cross from Sept. 21-23.

In three days, well over 200 students donated blood.

WCU junior, Emily Farrell, donated to the drive for her fifth time. 

“I get kind of tired after but it feels great to be able to potentially save a life with my own blood!” Farrell said.

When donators were finished donating their blood, a refreshments table was available for them to aid in bringing their blood sugar back up. WCU sophomores Amanda Farmer and Raymona Scott volunteered at the refreshments table. Amanda explained that students are recommended to stick around, in chairs sitting near the refreshments table, for observation for about 15 minutes after donating.

“Do they stay that long? No,” said Farmer, with a laugh.

Scott added that students aren’t only offered cookies to get their blood sugar level back to normal, but also to let them know the American Red Cross appreciates their donations.

Over 40,000 blood donations are needed a day and someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds. Representatives from Red Cross said the blood collected from students will stay in the region.