Hazing Prevention at WCU

Part of the diversity week is the” Hazing Prevention Week” addressing issues of hazing on campuses in general. Representative from Sigma Phi Epsilon David Stollman spoke on Sept. 21 about hazing within the Greek organizations and the consequences of it.
Stollman has been involved with Greek organizations for 15 years which allows him to give an overview the good and the bad of Fraternity and Sorority life, leadership and recruitment.

“I’m here to kick people in the butt and make them be awesome on campus”, said Stollman, at the beginning of his speech in a room full of WCU Greeks.

Dave Stollman spoke a clear message, if Greek organizations would stop living the stereotypes and start living their values the Greek community would have a better reputation.

Through real life stories about his fraternity brothers not holding each other to a higher standard and eventually no longer being a chapter he enriched students on how to avoid the same thing from happening to their chapter.

“I felt like it was really blunt but something we all need to hear”, says Holly Gardner, senior at WCU.

“Hazing your brothers and sisters does not make them better brothers and sisters but teaching them the true values of your organization does”, said Stollman to the group. Stollman says that Greek life is not normal and that we should understand most people don’t get it but we should work to show them why it means so much to us.

(KB Carpenter contributed to the story)