Coming to Cullowhee

The 3rd Annual Old Cullowhee Canoe Slalom for many participants was more than just fun.

Plans for the future park located off Old Cullowhee Road


The Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor (CuRvE)  raised $280 for developing a new park by the river.

“We are planning a river park between the bridge and the dam. There will be some developments by the DOT when the new bridge is done in two years and some development around the dam at the Lena Davis landing site by Duke Power also within the next two years,” says Maurice Phipps, event coordinator and professor at WCU.

The new park could bring more visitors to the Cullowhee area.  They plan to make the area around the bridge a new place to spend time in canoes and kayaks with multiple landings and picnic areas.

This year’s canoe slalom had seven different categories which participants could compete in.  Listed below are the results:


Men’s Kayak                                      1st Place, Saunders Southecorvo                                                                                                         2nd Place, Joel Bostic                                                                                                                            3rd Place, Gavin Beetlestone

Kid’s Kayak                                        1st Place, Skyler Singleton                                                                                                                  2nd Place Aylan Meyers                                                                                                                      3rd Place McKayala Singleton

Double Open Canoe                          1st Place, Todd and Griffin Murdock                                                                                                 2nd Place, Kevin Williams and Mairi Padgett                                                                                   3rd Place, Debby Singleton and Mark Singleton

Single Open Canoe                            1st Place, Saunders Southecorvo                                                                                                        2nd Place, James Houtzer                                                                                                                    3rd Place, Dale Holentsein

C2 (Decked Double Canoe)              1st Place, Windy Gordon and Steve Thoma                                                                                      2nd Place, Saunders Southecorvo and Joel Bostic                                                                            3rd Place, Todd and Griffin Murdock

Parent/Sprog Canoe                         1st Place, Darron and Murryn Meyers

Stand-up Board                                 1st Place, Mark Singleton                                                                                                                    2nd Place, Debby Singleton