Jackson County Get Fit Challenge

The Jackson County Get Fit Challenge kicked off August 29 and will continue with the first round through December 5.

The challenge is to get Jackson County residents off the couch and have them put their running shoes on and be active.  For a segment on the radio Power 90.5 Dr. Randy Provost of Med West talked about the growing dangers that people face with obesity.

A person spends an average of five hours every day sitting on the couch watching television.  Dr. Provost and other colleagues of his have decided to take this killer head on such as the health department which has an organization called Healthy Carolinians and any employee at Med West can get involved with a wellness program.  There are also community volunteers and team members from around the community.

The challenge requires you to get a team of 5-15 members (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) and track your total exercise time for each day.  The challenge runs on a points system, 1 point for every 6 minutes of activity and 10 points for every hour of fitness.  The challenge is a competitive competition but it’s not about who runs the fastest or lifts the most weights.  It can start with a brisk walk.

Each team will have a captain that keeps track of everyone’s exercise time and that person will upload the team score every two weeks to the challenge website.  Prizes will be given to the teams with the best overall scores.

Teams can register anytime during the length of the challenge round.  For team registration forms go to their web page.