Cordell Livingston: Jumping his way to success

Photo: Olivia Bellamy

Cordell Livingston, WCU track and field athlete, has overcome every hurdle in his life and he is still jumping his way to victory.

He won three individual titles at the SOCON Outdoor Track and Field championship meet this past weekend (April 22 and 23) in Birmingham, Alabama.

Livingston, winning first place in the men’s triple jump, 100 m. hurdle, and 400 m. hurdle race earned the title of “Most Outstanding Athlete” at the SOCON championship. He also won this title at the Indoor track and field SOCON meet.

Throughout all the titles and medals, Livingston still remains humble as he knows that as he continue to be successful in his sport, the competition will get harder.

“The faster I run, the more expectations there are for me to run even faster, thus setting the pace for the competition.”

Running since the age of 8, track is not just about running fast. It’s much more for Livingston.

“The track is my lead way for everything. I am able to put all my problems and personal issues aside when I am running. It’s a way for me to express myself.”

The track is where Livingston can show case how far he has worked in this sport. He is motivated everyday to continue to do the best he can in this sport. His talent in track is what is paying for his tuition.

Many people have motivated Livingston to get to this point in his life; from his family to his AAU Coach Ken Roberts. But his biggest motivation and inspiration is someone dear to him, his grandmother.

“I just love this woman. She’s a good Christian woman; she knows how to set an example. She has sacrificed a lot for me as I was growing up and she always puts God first. She’s everything I strive to be.”

Livingston uses what his grandmother taught him and tries to apply it to his everyday life. Excelling in athletics and academics, there’s no hurdle or obstacle that Livingston won’t hurdle over.

“Before I start anything, whether it’s a race or another task that I need to do, I already know I am a winner. No matter what the outcome, good or bad, I’ll still be a winner.”