WCU Honors College holds big wheel race to support flood victims

The Western Carolina University Honors College held a big wheel race to support victims of a massive flood in Japan on Wednesday, April 13.

Students rode big wheel racers around a circular course while wearing beer goggles, which makes the race even more challenging. Students who donated $5 to the cause were allowed to hop on a big wheel, or they could sponsor someone else to race instead. The event was coordinated by Honors College students.

Though they may seem like kid’s toys, the big wheels offered quite a challenge to college students, who have clearly outgrown the racers. “These big wheels are definitely not designed for someone my size,” said Jarrett Alley, a student at WCU. Once you factor in the beer goggles, races quickly became hectic struggles against both the other competitors and the big wheels themselves. However, it was all in good fun, and regardless of how well they did, each student was racing for a good cause.