Nature prevails

WCU students withheld from flying due to strong winds this past weekend near Chattanooga, TN.

The hang gliding trip was put together by the university’s outdoor program Base Camp Cullowhee (BCC), which has been scheduled since the beginning of the semester.

The trip had already been postponed for two weeks from it’s original date because of adverse weather conditions.

In spite of being kept back from the main tandem flights, the five participants had the chance to complete the training session on Sunday morning.

“We had all the suits on and everything and then the guy just said: Okay guys we’re calling it”, said Cassie Brenan, an exchange student from Ireland.

In spite of the set back, BCC has put forward a plan to compensate the participants, three of which are international students.

Base Camp still has a series of trips scheduled until the end of the month, which you can check out here.