6th annual kayak demo day on the East Fork

Boaters on the water for Demo Day

Kayakers and spectators gathered on the East Fork of the Tuckasegee River to throw down at Eternity Hole for Base Camp Cullowhee’s 6th annual Demo Day.

Demo Day is a promotional tool for major kayak manufacturers to have boaters try their new products. Even more so, it is a reason for paddlers to get together and show their moves in the water.

At high noon, boats of all colors began to litter the water to surf the hole. Beginner, amateur, and pro paddlers were all playing. It didn’t matter if you had kayaked before or not, the event was about community and a good time.

After a few hours of playing in the water the competition began. There were 24 paddlers divided into eight teams of three heats. The competitors had two rides lasting a minute, where they would rack up the points by throwing loops, carving, cartwheeling, etc.

Tommy Yon

Points were awarded as such: 1 point (any 180 degree rotation), 4 points (loop, Godzilla, or any variation), 6 points (loop, Godzilla, or any variation with air), and 10 points for the more advanced tricks (McNasty, Phonics Monkey). In addition to technical points, all paddlers were able to score a maximum of 10 style points (brow claw, paddle guitar, blowing kisses to the crowd, ect). Manufactures such as Jackson Kayak, Bliss-Stick, Pyranha, and Dagger were just a few of the big names that came out.

Shannon Christy

Participants and spectators headed to Illusions Club at Western Carolina University where prizes were awarded, pizza handed out, and a movie for entertainment.

1st:          Team 4 – Shannon/Trent/Tommy            219 points

2nd:         Team 6 – Shawn/Ashley/Sam                     188 points

3rd:         Team 8 – Zach/Jackson/Chris                      142 points

4th:          Team 5 – Spencer/Ian/Casey                      134 points

5th:          Team 1 – Tommy/Jay/Brad                          119 points

6th:          Team 2 – Hugh/Mike/Paul                           118 points

7th:          Team 3 – Andrew/Michael/Kerry             114 points

8th:          Team 7 – Matt/Mich/Chan                          104 points