WCU’s Japanese program raises money for Japan

Students in WCU’s Japanese program are raising money and collecting encouraging messages for those hit by the severe earthquake and tsunami in the northern part of Japan.

Last week Japan was hit with one of the strongest earthquakes in history. More than 10,000 people have died or gone missing and the numbers are rising. CNN news has stated this could be the most expensive natural disaster in history.

The Japanese program is selling origami cranes and flowers in the lobby of the McKee Building. There is also a slip of paper where messages can be sent to those in need in Japan. Each paper crane is folded by a WCU student and is available for $1. Origami earrings are also available for $5.

“We chose to sell paper cranes because it is a symbol of peace in Japan. We want to wish the people in Japan peace and also contribute to the earthquake relief fund,” said Anna Hunt, student at WCU and head of the fundraising event.

The Japanese program hopes to raise $1,000 and will be continuing there fundraiser for the rest of the week and into next week. They are urging students, faculty, staff, and the public stop by to reach out to support those in need in Japan.

”The current situation in Japan is tragic and if something happened here we would want help. We are doing what we are supposed to do,” said Hunt.