Red Fish along Florida coast bring anglers from around the country

Fly Fisherman targeting redfish stalked Eastern Florida flats, coming to the town of Titusville in hopes of fighting and landing the elusive redfish. The fish are in abundance this month in the Mosquito Lagoon area of the Canaveral National Seashore.

This brings budget anglers from across the world, which specifically target red fish before the spawn. Red fish are more aggressive during this season and happen to be more likely to take a fly while they are preparing to have there young.

“They tend to be hungrier at this time of year. They are exerting a lot of energy while creating there nests”, said Ty Blanton, a Titusville fly fishing guide.

Conditions have been perfect for red fishing, with the cold fronts staying far away from Cape Canaveral.

Three students from the University of South Carolina travelled to Titusville to wade fish.

“This is the best place for us to come, It’s one of the few places you can wade in saltwater flats and target Reds,” said Johnny Small, a USC Senior. “It’s great for us because we can target multiple species and not hire a captain to take us out, it makes a trip like this much more affordable.”

There is affordable lodging around Titusville, which also makes the destination attractive for college students migrating for spring break.

“The Fly Fisherman” fly shop is a good place to collect knowledge about the area and the tackle. They carry everything you would need to catch fish in Mosquito Lagoon. They recommend bringing a rod suitable for saltwater fishing with floating line and an 8-10 foot 10-15 pound connection to the hook. Right now the fish are going after small baitfish. The shop recommends chartreuse clouser minnows or small crab patterns.

If you want to know more about fly fishing in Central Florida, visit The Fly Fisherman website,