Trails in the future of WCU

Josh Whitmore, Associate Director of Outdoor Programs at WCU’s Base Camp Cullowhee, also has big plans for trail building near the campus. A nearly 300 acre tract of land across from the university is essentially open for trail building.

“It’s been a multi-year process in getting all the proper support within the university,” said Whitmore. “They’re in full support, but they don’t really want to give any money to building, so now I’m looking into grant resources.”

Whitmore has already received a $14 thousand grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of North Carolina that will fund the planning process for the trails. To start off construction, a five mile loop has been designed with options of adding other amenities through time.

Now that the planning process is finished, Whitmore has written grants for construction money. If all goes well more grants will be rewarded and Whitmore will have the money by the end of the summer and start construction in the fall of this year.

Nantahala SORBA will serve as the volunteer committee for this project. Students are encouraged and welcomed to join!

“Hopefully, we’ll have some trails to ride and hike on by the middle of 2012,” said Whitmore adding that the trail facilities will also serve as user grounds for physical therapy and recreation therapy students for drill techniques.

Big plans for WCU! Get excited!