WCU’s dining hall will be closed in May

Due to the budget cuts of 2011, WCU will no longer offer on-campus housing or meal plans for May 2011’s mini-mester.

May’s mini-mester normally lasts about two weeks, and students that enroll in this program have the option to live and on campus and have a meal plan.

However, over the past few years’ registration for the May term has declined. Last year’s mini-mester term had 356 students registered, of which only 42 students lived in the residence halls and had meal plans. In hopes of saving money the Provost, Deans and the Executive Council decided to cut these options for students.

On average only 55 transactions per day were made during last years mini-mester, and by eliminating the upstairs dining this May “there will be significant savings on food waste, labor, and utilities,” says Todd Littrell, Resident District Manager of WCU dining services.

This decision will save the university money, but they have no way to know how much at this time. It is not certain whether or not this decision will continue after this May’s term, but “if the current trends continue, this decision might become permanent,” says Sam Miller, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Faculty, staff and students will still have food choices during the May term. Starbucks, the Courtyard C-store, and Burger Studio will remain open during the mini-mester.

For more information about the mini-mester contact your academic advisor.