Oil on the rise

With travel seasons on the way many are worried about the continuous rise in gas prices. In the past month gas prices have soared to a record high and look to have no signs of stopping.

According to AAA’s website, North Carolina’s average gas prices are $3.50 a gallon and that is almost equal with the nation’s average which is $3.51 a gallon.

The price of gas in the Sylva and Cullowhee area is near $3.54 a gallon. That’s higher than the states average and 17 cents more per gallon than last week’s gas average. Students are having a hard time coping with gas prices.

“I can’t even think about filling my car up, it will just cost too much. I can’t go home to visit my family because I am afraid that gas will keep going up, or we will have another gas shortage,” says junior, Jessica Smith.

As the US keeps an eye on Libya, and all eyes fixed on the gas pump, it makes hybrid cars look better and better every day.

Gas Prices in Sylva, NC