WCU baseball tailgating: A dying trend?

Last week, Western Carolina University’s baseball team opened up the season with a home series against Morehead State.  Much to the delight of the fans, the Catamounts swept the series 3-0. However, some fans were not able to enjoy the game from their usual seats.

In past years, students were allowed to tailgate around the back parking lot behind the outfield, a popular spot for many Catamount baseball fans.  The area was also deemed alcohol permissible.

That privilege was taken away this in the middle of last season due to school regulations. While the restrictions on tailgating will certainly not keep many fans from attending baseball games, there is also a discrepancy in sheer attendance numbers due to the new regulations.

“Baseball tailgating used to be so much fun,” says WCU student Christian Ramos.  “It was an ideal spot to view the game, and tons of students hung out there so it was a great way to meet new people.  I really would rather not go to the games if I can’t tailgate.”

This has not deterred the interest of many loyal baseball fans, others were not so pleased with the move. Students who enjoy cheering on the team over a few drinks have been relegated to watching from the off campus houses that sit up the hill and over the stadium.

“I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but tailgating encouraged me to come to a lot of games I wouldn’t normally attend,” said Dustin Callahan, a senior at WCU.

The WCJ will continue to follow this story for any changes that may occur during the season.