Climbing to new heights

Rock and Rumble climbing competition Photo: Shannon Christy

Students “rocked” at The Rock and Rumble Fest climbing competition held in the Campus Rec. Center on Saturday with over 50 competitors around the region.

“It’s about coming out here and trying your best,” said WCU senior and competitor Cody Ashe. “Even though it’s a competition we’re all here to have a good time.”

The raw energy and psyche of the competition is what kept the climbers reaching new levels, and pushing the competition further.

Cody Ashe gives a wave after reaching the top Photo: Shannon Christy

Jacob Sinclair, president of WCU’s climbing team and competitor, added hype to the day’s climbing when he completed a difficult problem. Everyone had their eyes on Sinclair, shouting words of encouragement and clapping as he worked against gravity to reach the top.

Jacob Sinclair Photo: Shannon Christy

“Amazing,” said Sinclair with a few deep breaths after finally completing a route for the fourth try. “There is nothing that compares to the feeling when you finish a route that you worked really hard on.”

With over 50 competitors there was a morning and afternoon climbing session to keep from an overcrowded climbing area.

O’Malleys, REI and Mountain Khaki’s were just a few who donated great prizes for the competition.

Results will be posted shortly.