Student dreams of sharing music with the world

Jon is unintimidating standing at 5’ 11”, with dark blonde hair and soft hazel eyes. In the classroom he is a good student. His professors say he is mild mannered in class but he always brings a unique perspective. His lyrics speak his mind, and his music is travelling rapidly across campus.

With a snappy beat, similar to today’s popular rap music, he has quick lyrics that relate to the problems that today’s college students are facing.

“I’m kneeling at your feet waiting to be ordained… I’m nearly on the streets asking you for more change… but all you do is slam the door and ask me how the door tastes,” his songs go from a quick music beat to soft melodical segments which form the chorus.

“I write music because I love too. Sometimes it’s a bit painful to leave it bottled up inside” said D’amato. “My music makes me who I am, I’ve got a unique style to my music, but I’m influenced by artists like Mike Posner. ”

Like D’Amato, Posner was a regular college student making music while he was a student at Duke University.

Jon is still trying to put his name out, and based on what others are saying, he’s doing a great job.

Liz VanMetre, A WCU Junior was at a house party when she heard others playing Jon’s music. She recognized that it was Jon’s music and was instantly excited.

“There were a lot of people in the room, and it was being played on someone’s speakers in the house. Everyone was dancing and singing along. It was so exciting to hear a friend’s song being played on the stereo,” said VanMetre.

Jon’s unique style isn’t just found in his music, it’s found in his appearance as well.

“I don’t think you will find many other students here wearing a Spiderman back-pack, watch and lanyard on this campus”, said D’amato describing himself. “It’s one of the things I love, and I let what I love speak out.”

Others say Jon’s style is unique, but it doesn’t make him not fit in. His friends say that he is one of the most genuine people they know, and this is why they appreciate him.

“Jon dresses with a youthful look, he likes the urban and modern style, but he mixes it with a youthful flare. It’s something very different,” said Shannon Christy, a close friend of Jon.

Jon has dreams to share his music with the world.

Jon D'Amato recording music in his dorm room.

Liz Van Metre and KB Carpenter listening to D’Amato’s music. Right now the song can only be found on D’Amato’s Facebook Account