The Koresh Dance Company performs at WCU

The Koresh Dance Company, from Philadelphia performed at Western Carolina University on January 20th in the Fine and Performing Arts.

The show titled “Evolution” was preformed with dancers who moved with distinctive dominance to portray the of the growth of the human race. As the show went on, the dancing became more appealing and less barbaric. As humans we started out awkward and out of sync. Throughout time we have evolved into more refined beings, with more rhythm and poise. The Koresh Dance Company illustrates this transition through the show, “Evolution”.

A team worked together to explain the process of human evolution without words. As I sat there in the audience I became more intrigued with every movement. The show was a mix of jazz, ballet and a genuine feeling from the heart of each dancer.

“I thought it was amazing! The way the body transforms throughout the show and evolves in movement is astonishing! I had no idea that the body could move in those ways!” said Brittney Tackett, student who attended the show. “Koresh’s evolution is an astonishing performance conveying the primitive and rigid movements of the body evolving through time to how our bodies move today. It strips your mind of any preconceived thought of the body’s movement and replaces it with a realistic and mind blowing performance. It stays eloquent and intensifies all emotions connected with dancing. It is purely amazing!”

The crowd consisted of students, faculty and staff from WCU as well as members from the community.