The refund checks are here!!

The checks for Teaching Fellows arrived on Feb. 1 and students should start receiving their refunds sometime this week.  For many students who receive state refund checks for tuition payments, this was much later than expected.

The refund payments issued by the state to students with a credit balance on their accounts did not arrive as planned by Jan. 25.  The deadline set by WCU was pushed back after winter weather caused classes to be canceled for two days at the beginning of the semester.

In particular, students who receive the Teaching Fellows scholarship have not received payments for their scholarship, which is given to students interested in teaching in order to encourage their academic development. 

Jackie Smith, the Director of the Teaching Fellows office, explained the process for sending out refund checks.  

“The money is first sent in to the Teaching Fellows office, then we write the checks to students.  But the money wasn’t transferred in on time, which is why Teaching Fellows haven’t gotten their refund checks.”

This delay has forced some students to tighten their belt.

“I was really counting on getting that refund check.  I haven’t been able to spend money on groceries or gas without it,” sophomore Teaching Fellow said.  

Jessica Masters, also a sophomore Teaching Fellow, said that she has been forced to buy all of her groceries at the C-Store. 

“If they don’t have it, then I can’t get it.”

Students who have not received their refund checks should contact the financial aid office at WCU.