Just snowin’ around

 The forecast may call for snow, but for Western Carolina University students that means a call for fun and two snow days. While most people stayed snowed in during the first big snow of 2011, the students of Western Carolina University found a way to dig themselves out and get to the nearest hill of any depth.

Norton hill on the backside of the campus was the hot spot for sledding, snowball fight, fort building, and even snowboarding. The top of the hill was lined with daredevils ready to try their skills and the bottom with wipeouts and raised arms of success.

They even built snow ramps in order to “get some air” as they raced down the white slope. Sleds were made out of plastic inner tubes, wood, and even old WCU promotion signs donated by the print shop. Of course in addition to these sleds the age-old WCU tradition “snow kayaking” sported its skills. The creativity seemed to be endless in the eight to nine accumulated inches.  

Snow may be a problem for some, but for students with no school and a hill covered in the frozen water the possibilities are endless.