Extreme sledding

Is there ever such thing as too much fun? Why of course not. That is, until someone gets hurt. Western Carolina Senior, John Jarvis, proved it this past week sledding on a hill next to Norton.

Taking sledding to extreme measures, Jarvis and his friends built a ramp for everyone to sled, tube, and snowboard off to catch some big air. While gaining speed on the sled, Jarvis hit the ramp and set sail, then unfortunately landed on his back. Jarvis went to the hospital two days after the incident occurred because his back was in such pain.

“It’s a Thoracic Compression Fracture,” said Jarvis on his condition. “Pretty much my backbone looks like a squished marshmallow instead of a fluffy one.”

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Jarvis has been taking doctors orders and resting as much as possible when he is not attending classes.

“It’s only January,” said Jarvis wanting the campus to be turned into a snow globe again. “That hopefully means more snow and more sledding.”

So, all good things come to an end. School is back in session and the snow melting slowly, but the memories will last a lifetime.