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Ghosts of Arthur Anderson’s past far from haunting

by Shelby Harrell If Arthur Anderson was haunted by his own past, the spirits would surely be impressed by his 75-year-long career that began in 1934, when Anderson was only 12. The fact of the matter is, Anderson is far from being a “scrooge” and is in no need of any Christmas enlightenment. With years […]

Arthur Anderson: Acting is love

by Katelyn Cooper Arthur Anderson started his acting career in 1934 when he was 12 years old. Anderson was 16 at the time he portrayed one of Charles Dickens’ ghostly trio opposite Orson Welles in the 1938 broadcast of A Christmas Carol. He reprised his original role as the Ghost of Christmas Past in WCU’s […]

A cowboy hat and a shot gun

Brittany Hink, a senior at Western Carolina, could not resist to tell the story of her first adventure  in Europe.  An adventure she swears she will never forget. The trip was to London and she and her three friends, two Americans and one German, decided to fly back to Italy and drive the rest to […]