Western goes pink

WCU Cheerleaders showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Photo Provided by: Coach Kim Cherry-Beck

October kick starts Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People all over the world including here at WCU are showing their support by wearing pink.

The WCU cheerleaders are showing their support all month long by using pink poms while cheering during football games. This tradition started when Coach Kim Cherry-Beck took over the cheerleading team 7 years ago. “We began our involvement by wearing pink ribbons, followed by pink t-shirts, and then this year, we were able to order pink poms. “

Coach Kim is a big supporter of breast cancer because it affects so many people. “My desire to support became even stronger while in graduate school, when my sweet mom was diagnosed.” Coach Kim watched as her mom went through numerous doctor’s visits, surgery, and 33 rounds of radiation treatment. Coach Kim’s “Me-maw” was also diagnosed with the disease and she watched her bravely fight.

In addition to the very personal connection Coach Kim has, Western Carolina has a connection. Coach Kim’s former cheerleading coach here at Western is also breast cancer survivor. She and many other cheerleaders have been surrounded by people battling this disease and Coach Kim says that the team “will always participate in anything related to breast cancer research and awareness.”

Hannah Austin a sophomore and first-year cheerleader at WCU likes using the poms to show her support during the games. “I have had family friends with the disease and it’s great to show that a large group of us really care about finding a cure.”

Breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers today; women and men both are at risk. For any information on how you can help support breast cancer research contact the American Red Cross.

Showing support for this close-to-heart disease is very important to many and the WCU cheerleaders love having the opportunity to show their support in such a significant way.